Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Kitchen cabinet design is a big part of your design. There are lots of choices in colors, shapes and styles to suit your personal taste.

MDF is a cost-effective option that takes paint well. However, it doesn’t take stain as well as a quality wood does. It can also show dust more easily than a light color would.

Wood Tones

Bold color is a major trend for kitchen cabinets and pairs beautifully with contrasting wood tones. Blues, greens + reds add a natural feel and can be accented with bright chrome or gold hardware.

When working with varying wood tones, it’s important to think about the undertones of each. A good rule of thumb is to stay within warm or cool tones when mixing woods.

If you’re leaning warm, choose woods with yellow or orange undertones. Alternatively, if you’re leaning cool, choose woods with grey, taupe or pink undertones.

White oak is a strong, hardy wood that’s popular for farmhouse + rustic styles. Hickory has a wide range of colors with curved and straight grain patterns. Cherry darkens with sun exposure and is a premium wood choice for traditional or classic style. Walnut has a smooth uniform grain and mellows with age making it a great option for contemporary or transitional styles.


Cabinet hardware adds a jewelry-like finishing touch that can make stock cabinetry feel custom or elevate bespoke built-ins. It’s also a high-touch surface, which means choosing quality hardware that’s easy to clean is vital.

Hinges are another design component to consider. Most cabinets use a European-style 35-mm-diameter cup hinge that press-fits into a bored recess on the cabinet carcase, eliminating the need for screws and reducing the risk of loosening over time.

A popular trend is to choose slab-front kitchen cabinets. The flat style streamlines cabinetry and creates a single surface for the room, but they don’t work well in every home. To add a bit of visual interest, select a kitchen cabinet knob or pull with an intricate backplate. These decorative details protect the cabinet finish from dirt and oil on hands, hide holes when you switch from a handle to a pull, and can add interest with lines or etchings. It’s important to take the existing mounting hole size into account when selecting new cabinet hardware, as it varies widely from brand to brand.


A ladder can be a stylish way to add storage to high cabinetry. These stools and ladders offer a convenient place to store items you might otherwise forget about, like vases and kitchen linens. The key is choosing the right ladder for your space. Make sure it is tall enough to allow you to access the items you need without straining. You also want to be sure the ladder matches your kitchen décor.

Wall cabinets are constructed to stay above the counter and can range from 18 inches (460 mm) to 36 inches (910 mm). In most kitchens, a full-height wall cabinet will be covered by crown molding, which offers an added touch of luxury.

Corner Storage

If the back corners of your cabinets are hard to reach, there are a few different solutions to consider. Lazy susan-type shelves are a popular option for corner cabinets as they spin and make contents easily accessible. They’re perfect for storing items like pots and pans that are difficult to reach.

Accordion drawers can also make it easier to access items stored in your corner cabinets. This storage solution opens up the entire interior of the cabinet so it’s easier to get at anything stored in there.

Another smart way to utilize your upper corner cabinets is to use them as a decor display. Open shelving framed with beautiful dishware or a mix of cookbooks and mugs can create a unique look that doubles as storage space. This arrangement can keep clutter to a minimum and give the room a cleaner look. Plus, it makes for an attractive focal point in any kitchen. Especially if you opt for glass-front upper cabinets, this can be a great choice for traditional and farmhouse kitchens.

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