Fire Watch Guards – An Important Component of Offshore Safety Training

An essential item of equipment to be on hand is a Fire Watch Guards alarm system. These can be monitored by a trained fireguard so they will know when the system is set off. If a fire alarm goes off the guard will have to notify the control room and immediately inform the local police and fire brigade of the incident.

Fire Watch Guards –  Discover All About Security Guard

Once the fire alarm has been activated, the fireguard will have to report the situation to the relevant people in the fire brigade. He/she may also have to contact local police or fire brigade staff to give them information about the incident.

A fireguard should have the appropriate training to be able to protect an area, but also a knowledge base which will enable him/her to perform an effective inspection. A fireguard should have some knowledge relating to fire fighting and he/she should also be familiar with the building regulations and relevant laws. A fire guard must be fully qualified to undertake such duties. Fire guards often work under the supervision of a licensed engineer. Fire officers and/or engineers carry out an assessment of a particular area and take appropriate action.

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