How To Manage A Strata Unit

Strata management, otherwise known as ‘common body corporate management’, is an expert field of property management that involves the daily management and administration of a residential property which includes multiple units and various common amenities and facilities. Strata units are residential units or condominiums owned by individuals or companies who are living in the same apartment or condominium unit. The main objective of this management technique is to protect the tenants from having to live in the unit until the owner or the management company take over the management and maintenance of the unit. In some cases, the management company will manage the maintenance of the unit as well as the amenities and other areas of the property. In other cases, it will handle the maintenance of the condominium unit itself.

Manage A Strata Unit

strata management

There are various aspects of strata management that an individual or company can do on their own. These include maintaining a written contract with the owners of the various units, collecting rent and other relevant information, and ensuring that all of the tenants’ utilities are being paid for. However, in many cases, the management company will do these tasks for the individual owner, although this is not always the case.

As with any other type of business, there are several things that strata unit owners and managers should be aware of. One thing to remember is that the management company is the person who is responsible for maintaining the unit and maintaining the property. While this means that the owners are the ones in charge of making sure that the property looks clean, neat, and nice, they are only in charge of the maintenance of the building and its assets.


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