MS-DOS Utilities


  • Diskwarez Utilities (source code available)
  • Old MS-DOS Utilities (no source code, freeware)



    These DISKWAREZ programs were created with DISKLIB:

    And then there is DISKBUG:


    Old MS-DOS

    Here is a list of many MS-DOS programs that should be of use to some people. When I was developing for MS-DOS some of them were to me. Some of them are no longer being developed (as far as I know)

    Utilities by Seagate Technology, Inc.:

    Very useful, especially for their documentation: NFDisc describes the MBR and the boot process; FindSector describes INT 13h, CHS and LBA; Find-ATA describes ATA and the Identify Drive command.

    Others: The following are all available from SimTel's msdos/diskutl directory (see here for a list of mirrors all around the world). The ones here are all PD or no-nag shareware. They are old, but there are computers that still run older versions of DOS, and some people might find them useful. I have examined them to make sure that they work (We ain't putting crappy, any-util-will-do stuff on this site). Not all have source code. I am breaking my source code only policy on some of these because many people just do not want source code.

    ZipZap and diskedt are sector editors in the same genre of DISKED. I include them because they just might be more compatible with older DOS machines. I don't know who "lrs" is who wrote diskedt, but I can see that if he kept writing diskedt it would have been a program very similar to DISKED.

        **Read how DISKEDT saved my drive.

    XED is a very cool program. David calls it "a unique hex/binary file editor" and it is. Of all the file editors I have looked at this is the best. It handles unassemby, bitwise expressions, undo, search and replace, and has multiple edit modes. Well worth a look.

    EDBIN is an another unique file editor, catered to editing strings within the file. It's command line based and looks to be quite versatile. Probably the easiest program to use to just change text in a program. Has encryption capabilities as well although I have not tested that part of it.

    Did you know that DEBUG can be used as a sector editor? Get Erik's fat_fix.txt for a tutorial on how.

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