The list of data storage related links has been sold off to an organization calling itself the Thirteenth Interrupt or something - INT13.ORG - The List is there and not here.


"Nasty side effect of being online all the time." Bruce Schneier said that about the so-called Web Bugs. Find out more in crypto-gram. Also read more about yet another reason to keep web-cookies disabled: MSN and LinkExchange in redirection collusion.

I/We (depends on who is doing the talking) read e-mail about once a month, and therefore respond to e-mail about once a month. So please do not ask important questions of us in need of quickness in answering! (We are also considering filtering ALL 'free' e-mail domains such as yahoo, msn, excite, etc. because those fucks do not go after spammers.)

Because we do get important questions (about once a month), I will say that I/We/someone (ever get that feeling that there is someone else in your head? No? You don't know what your missing!) is planning on creating a FAQ of sorts, that will help those of you seeking help regarding disk drive I/O. (No, not the failed DISK DATA FAQ; one that will direct people where to look.)

Someone sent us an e-mail about a Disk Editor that they wrote; check it out here: #. The reason why I mention it is because it was written in assembly -- MASM -- and is freeware (although not with sources). I have not actually used it (I do not, as a matter or principle, download from commercial, shareware web-sites; blood-sucking, fucking para-sites that they really are), but I will recommend it as a candidate for testing by anyone looking for disk editors because the author took the time out to contact me. He is real and obviously means well.

DISKED has been updated and a WIN32/FAT32 version released. (Woohoo!)
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Definitions of Software, 19-Dec-1999
Reading the MBR under Windows NT, 04 May 1999
Reading an ATA Device Serial Number, 04 May 1999
Walking the Partition Chain, 29-Mar-1999
Reading Sectors: A Comparison Between Operating Systems, 19-Mar-1999


DISKED - disk editor and data recovery -- FAT12/16 -- FAT32 in BETA
DISKBUG - BIOS disk debugger -- DOS, Win32, WinNT, Linux
DISKLIB - direct disk access library for all Microsoft platforms
D_DISK - Posix-like disk I/O library for DOS and Win32
Our code is redistributable under the DPU Software License unless otherwise indicated.
The DPU Manifesto outlines the reasoning behind the DSL.
The DISK DATA FAQ has been suspended due to lack of interest.
The DOS disk I/O tutorial still needs updating.
A brief comparison of C vs. Perl.