Copyright (C) 1998, Gregg Jennings

Last Update: 29-Dec-1998

Due to an increase in demand for and questions about direct disk access for Microsoft platforms, and due to the fact that Microsoft has no API for direct disk access, I am releasing this library much earlier than I intended at that start. I am still working on this code.

Here is the 29-Dec-1998, BETA 0.2a version of DISKLIB, a library of DISK I/O functions for DOS and Windows in C source code form, compatible with Watcom, Microsoft and DJGPP compilers.

Here are some applications made with DISKLIB (these are the DOS versions but they can be compiled for Windows). The sources are in DISKLIB.

Please read this file in full.

29-Dec-1998: A couple of bug fixes [changelog.txt]. There still lacks proper error messaging and (some) support for FAT32 and drives > 2.1GB.

20-Dec-1998: A couple of bug fixes and updated the WINNT sources. There still lacks proper error messaging.

14-Dec-1998: A couple of bug fixes and updated the DJGPP sources. [changelog.txt]

13-Dec-1998: A couple of bug fixes and GETPARTS.C.

29-Nov-1998: Now usable by D_DISK.

27-Nov-1998: Just slightly more cleaning up. Again: Almost time for BETA release, and no "change/patch archive" (it is still not too big for modem downloading and you can just use unzip -u). The WIN32 LOCK functions are there and working after all (brain fart). I've also started a TODO section (see end of page).

26-Nov-1998: More WIN32 support. Since many files have changed there will be no update archive. It's almost time for a BETA release. The WIN32 LOCK functions are still not finished but should be an easy port (the DOS LOCK functions are working).

23-Nov-1998: The LIB and Update archives now include LIB.C and LIB.H which I had forgotten about. (This is still ALPHA code.) And DF.C now compiles with MSC and WC for Windows 95/98. Here is the changed source files if you downloaded the library in the previous week.

22-Nov-1998: I have updated the DF.C (DF.EXE) example program again (and again have only verified that the DOS version compiles and works) -- I have added a couple more options. One of which will save only the disk's system tracks -- not terribly useful except for a true quick format by writing the file back to a disk. (Microsoft's "quick format" feature fails on non-DOS formatted disks the boneheads...) Here is a 1.44MB DOS data file and a batch file (QF.ZIP) for quickly making a DOS disk.

19-Nov-1998: I have updated the DF.C (disk2file) example program and have verified that the DOS version works. Although I do not yet distribute a compiled library file, I am distributing DF.EXE for DOS (which should work in a DOS Box under Windows); you can read about what DF does (it writes and read floppies). If you already have the 12-Nov-1998 archive you can get just the the changed source files. (I'll supply PATCH-able DIFF files eventually.)

For testing purposes I have created an MS-DOS 6.22 boot image which many people have submitted requests for. The image contains enough MS-DOS programs to do useful things for a PC (drivers, fdisk, edit, etc.). There will also be room to put on other recovery and editing utilities such as DISKED and DISKBUG.

A collection of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles about Device IOCTL: MSDEVIO.ZIP.



Things to do:

I plan to do the items in this list, however, consider this a request for help. As with the library itself, when I get started on anything new I will put the results up here, early and often. (As with updating the library, I will be updating this list.) I hope to eventually offer a "Quality Product", this is just a BETA version and may have problems.

If you have any ideas for this library, or like or use or have fixes or just want to rap, please send e-mail to: admin here at diskwarez.com .